We Can Help Too! is a first aid and safety program specifically designed for students in grades 3 and 4.

A set of ten lessons are presented here and can be delivered by teachers over a number of different sessions. Lessons can be presented individually or combined where time allows for longer periods offering flexibility that fits with the needs of any class or school group.

The program is intended to introduce young students to the basic concepts in safety while empowering them to take age appropriate responsibility for identification of emergencies that involve any persons who may become suddenly sick or hurt. Students are taught to get help from a responsible adult while providing immediate care for the brief period it may take for the adult to arrive. This approach encourages self‐confidence and social responsibility while clearly defining the limits to the roles they should take on in each situation.

Successful completion of this program will spark a new interest in personal safety and a respect for others that students will take with them as they continue through their elementary school experience. Students gain an understanding of the role they can play identifying risky situations and behaviors and the actions they can take to prevent injuries. Basic first aid skills teach students there are important things they can do to help others when adults are not immediately available. They also work together to understand how to get help quickly when emergencies happen.

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