You and your class are invited to participate in the St. John Ambulance We Can Help Too! Program free of charge. This has been made possible through the kind support of the Masons and their concordant bodies. Since 1995 more than 190,000 Grade 3/4 students have been introduced to first aid and safety awareness through this successful program.

The primary goal of the program remains unchanged. The program:

  • introduces students to basic first aid,
  • makes students aware of the importance of safety and encourages them to develop safe habits for life, and
  • teaches students that they can help others as well as themselves.

We Can Help Too! has instructional flexibility and is designed for integration into the elementary school curriculum K-9 (Health / Career and Life Management or Wellness Education, Alberta Education). The components can be used independently in 15 to 30-minute sessions or together as a comprehensive course. The suggested instruction time for the program is from five to six hours, but this time frame may be adjusted to meet your needs.

The We Can Help Too! materials are completely free-of-charge for grade 3/4 students. To receive the materials please contact us here.

If we can be of assistance in meeting your school’s first aid and safety needs, please contact the St. John Ambulance office nearest you.

About St. John Ambulance

Our Mission:
To enable Canadians to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community service.

We carry out our mission through community service, and first aid, and CPR training.

Community Services volunteers include uniformed members who serve communities across Canada, providing first aid and emergency response support, as well as improving the quality of life for people confined to a health care facility through our Therapy Dog visitation program. Our volunteers contribute millions of hours to Canadian communities each year.

First aid and CPR training comprises instructors, volunteers and staff who provide high-quality first aid training and products. Under the guidance of our network of medical and health care professionals, St. John Ambulance is the national leader, setting the standard for training in first aid, CPR and other lifesaving skills.

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